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You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Battle Rules Edit

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BP : [Shiloh - 10] [Lark - 10] [Rena - 10]
Slot 1 : [Shiloh - Flygon/50/18] [Lark - Pidgeot/50/18] [Rena - Skarmory/50/18]
Slot 2 : [Shiloh - Dragonair/50/18] [Lark - Altaria/50/18] [Rena - Empoleon/50/18]
Slot 3 : [Shiloh - Seadra/47/15] [Lark - Unfezant/50/18] [Rena - Escavalier/49/15]
Slot 4 : [Shiloh - Ferrothorn/49/15] [Lark - Ursaringergwsgwillfinishlater][Rena - Magneton/48/14]
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Battle Rules Edit Empty
PostSubject: Battle Rules Edit   Battle Rules Edit I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2012 1:19 am

There has been an edit to the battle rules.

The HP part now has HP for Pokemon level 30 to 50. I apologize that it wasn't like that initially, but this Battle System has been transferred from Azure, and we didn't catch that.
Also, we made it so that if your Pokemon successfully faints another Pokemon, it gains 3 extra post values towards Training. That means that if it took 7 posts to knock a Pokemon out, you may make it 10 posts. This should make training easier.

Thank you for staying. The site has been running strong thanks to you members. 8D


Battle Rules Edit 437__bronzong_by_rukari_boy-d4wnucs
Battle Rules Edit 25t99j6
Battle Rules Edit 2na2osw
Battle Rules Edit 23tqr1g
Characters (Top - Shiloh; Middle - Lark; Bottom - Rena):

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Battle Rules Edit
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