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You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Another Rule Edit

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BP : 10
Slot 1 : Dodrio/50/18
Slot 2 : Gardevoir/50/18
Slot 3 : Excadrill/50/18
Slot 4 : Maractus/50/18
Slot 5 : Crawdaunt/50/18
Slot 6 : Chandelure/50/18
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PostSubject: Another Rule Edit   Another Rule Edit I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2012 6:35 pm

Dodging has been implemented into the system. Check it out.

It shouldn't be really an issue since most moves here have 90-100 accuracy, but it's just for fairness.

If a problem arises we may add something for accuracy lowering/evasion raising moves such as Double Team. But we trust that you won't abuse it. kthxbai

Another Rule Edit Pinsir_by_kaitlynclinkscales-d4hgl7b
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Another Rule Edit
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