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You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Here Comes Double Trouble!

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Here Comes Double Trouble! Empty
PostSubject: Here Comes Double Trouble!   Here Comes Double Trouble! I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2012 4:49 am

With a single suit case, a small bag and a purse in tow, Audrey walked off the boat, taking a shaky step on to the island for the first time. She didn't bother looking back, knowing her sister would be right behind her. "So this is where they shipped us off to? Not that bad, I guess..." She mumbled under her breath, practically to herself. Her Plusle was sitting on her head, trying to balance on one foot. The little Pokemon looked around for it's sister, calling out in glee and pointing at the island excitedly when Lei spotted her. Audrey turned around and grinned at Andrea. "What do you think, Ang?" She asked curiously, although she knew her sister well enough that answers were almost unnecessary.
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Here Comes Double Trouble!
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