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 Banishing "One Type Only"?

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Should we start over with no type restrictions?
Banishing "One Type Only"? Vote_lcap182%Banishing "One Type Only"? Vote_rcap1
 82% [ 9 ]
Banishing "One Type Only"? Vote_lcap118%Banishing "One Type Only"? Vote_rcap1
 18% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 11


BP : [Shiloh - 10] [Lark - 10] [Rena - 10]
Slot 1 : [Shiloh - Flygon/50/18] [Lark - Pidgeot/50/18] [Rena - Skarmory/50/18]
Slot 2 : [Shiloh - Dragonair/50/18] [Lark - Altaria/50/18] [Rena - Empoleon/50/18]
Slot 3 : [Shiloh - Seadra/47/15] [Lark - Unfezant/50/18] [Rena - Escavalier/49/15]
Slot 4 : [Shiloh - Ferrothorn/49/15] [Lark - Ursaringergwsgwillfinishlater][Rena - Magneton/48/14]
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Banishing "One Type Only"? Empty
PostSubject: Banishing "One Type Only"?   Banishing "One Type Only"? I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2012 1:45 am

I had started to create the tourney match-ups, and I began to realize that sooner or later, two people will match up, and one will be weak to another. After that, I realized that if people could pick their own Pokemon, not only would we be able to fill classes easier (meaning actual school RP), but we would also have unique teams. This means that everyone in the Dragon class won't have the same Pokemon.

Buuut, there is a problem. We've already created people and teams, and roleplayed with them. So, I shall propose to you something.

Answer the poll up top. Do you want to make the island for any trainer or just for trainers specializing in one type? If we make it for one trainer, you could just edit your character's teams in their creations, and we'll start fresh.

Thank you~


EDIT - Oh! You may still keep your team and your type specialization. This just makes it so you don't HAVE to. XD

Banishing "One Type Only"? 437__bronzong_by_rukari_boy-d4wnucs
Banishing "One Type Only"? 25t99j6
Banishing "One Type Only"? 2na2osw
Banishing "One Type Only"? 23tqr1g
Characters (Top - Shiloh; Middle - Lark; Bottom - Rena):

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Banishing "One Type Only"?
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