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Pokemon Gakuen Elementum

You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Gale's All Bored and Stuff

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BP : {Robin} 10 Battle Points {Gale} 10 Battle Points {Erin} 10 Battle Points
Slot 1 : {Robin} Froslass(Frosty)~ Level 50 {Gale} Flygon(Flyon)~ Level 50 {Erin} Bellossom(Blossom)~ Level 50
Slot 2 : {Robin} Blastoise(Squirt)~ Level 50 {Gale} Walrein(Rein)~ Level 50 {Erin} Clefable(Chilestte)~ Level 50
Slot 3 : {Robin} Altaria(Aria)~ Level 50 {Gale} Sceptile(Seth)~ Level 50 {Erin} Skarmory(Skar)~ Level 50
Slot 4 : {Robin} Scolipede(Scoli)~ Level 50 {Gale} Aggron(Steel)~ Level 50 {Erin} Azumarill(Ozzy)~ Level 50
Slot 5 : {Robin} Scrafty(Scraffy)~ Level 50 {Gale} Mightyena(Fang)~ Level 50 {Erin} Weavile(Weavi)~ Level 50
Slot 6 : {Robin} Charizard(Izar)~ Level 50 {Gale} Torkoal(Koal)~ Level 50 {Erin} Ninetales(Percival)~ Level 50
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PostSubject: Gale's All Bored and Stuff   Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:49 am

Gale sighed as he walked to his spot in the stadium and faced a large plate of steel set up about 10 feet away. He pulled down his red hat, and picked a pokeball out of the six from his beltloop.
"Go! Lygo!"
Gale threw his pokeball out, releasing a large dragon and ground type pokemon in a flash of red. In a flurry, the Flygon swished its tail to the right, clearing the flurry of red.
"Use Earth Power!"
The Flygon's eyes glowed a deep red as it flew up quickly. "Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," it cried out as it slammed the ground, releasing bursts of earth and lava hurdling towards the plate of steel. "Goooooon!" It cried out as the attack slammed into the steel, demolishing it completely, leaving Lygo with a satisfied look on her face.
"Good job, Lygo!" Gale smiled, throwing out a treat for his pokemon. Lygo flew up gracefully and ate the treat.

Wake Up Slap, Crunch, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray
Muddy Water, Outrage, Ice Beam, Protect
Sing, Dragon Claw, Heat Wave, Aerial Ace,
Rock Climb, Superpower, Poison Jab, X-Scissor
Crunch, Hi-Jump-Kick, Dragon Claw, Thunder Punch
ShadowClaw, Flamethrower, Outrage, Brick Break

Earth Power, Signal Beam, Heat Wave, Dragon Claw
Aqua Tail, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Earthquake
Leaf Blade, Headbutt, Thunder Punch, Night Slash
Iron Head, Superpower, Earth Power, Ice Beam
Foul Play, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Retaliate
Flamethrower, Body Slam, Selfdestruct, Eruption

Leaf Blade, Teeter Dance, Drain Punch, Sludge Bomb
Signal Beam, Sing, Meteor Mash, Mega Kick
Drill Peck, Dark Pulse, Double Edge, Steel Wing
Hdyro Pump, Superpower, Sing, Ice Beam

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Gale's All Bored and Stuff
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