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You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Currency Rules

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BP : [Shiloh - 10] [Lark - 10] [Rena - 10]
Slot 1 : [Shiloh - Flygon/50/18] [Lark - Pidgeot/50/18] [Rena - Skarmory/50/18]
Slot 2 : [Shiloh - Dragonair/50/18] [Lark - Altaria/50/18] [Rena - Empoleon/50/18]
Slot 3 : [Shiloh - Seadra/47/15] [Lark - Unfezant/50/18] [Rena - Escavalier/49/15]
Slot 4 : [Shiloh - Ferrothorn/49/15] [Lark - Ursaringergwsgwillfinishlater][Rena - Magneton/48/14]
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PostSubject: Currency Rules   Currency Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 3:23 am

The school now gives out currency. This currency is called BP.
BP, or Battle Points, are rewarded to a trainer when they win a battle. They get one BP, and can spend it with the merchants, who accept this currency and have useful items.
You get 1 BP with each won battle. You do not get any BP if you lose, okay?
You can get more BP if you win a tourney. For example.
If it is a small tourney, you may get 20 BP as an award. If there were 10 battles in the tourney, that means you get 30 BP in all.
Each trainer starts with 10 BP.
Check out the shops for merchandise!

Currency Rules 437__bronzong_by_rukari_boy-d4wnucs
Currency Rules 25t99j6
Currency Rules 2na2osw
Currency Rules 23tqr1g
Characters (Top - Shiloh; Middle - Lark; Bottom - Rena):

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Currency Rules
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