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You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Marie Mendoza

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PostSubject: Marie Mendoza   Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:44 am

Marie Mendoza



Hair Color:
Light Auburn

Eye Color:


119 lbs.

Very cautious and studious, Marie is extremely self-aware and has the habit of over thinking every one of her moves, both in and out of battles, trying to come up with the best solution. She's not one to throw herself into confrontations and has a very passive nature, but is willing to step up to the plate when duty calls; not getting to the level that she is being completely good and shy. She's just awesome. Kay? Kay.

Type Specialization:

Marie was actually born and raised in the very lively and crowded, Saffron City, where street battles were a plenty and people were simply obsessed with fighting types, thanks to the local Gym leader, no doubt. She, however, didn't fit into this picture. With her first pokemon her father had brought her, a bulbasaur, she aimed to be the top of her class at all the local schools, memorizing all the different types and moves in the world; as well as all the different regions there were. When she came of the age most started their journey, she had started out slowly, but decided that she wasn't quite ready - and much preferred the life of a student than anything else at the moment.
And here she is today. She wishes to keep improving and hopes one day to be a pokemon professor. Maybe she'll even change her name just to fit in, to something like Aspen or Ebony or Maple. You know. Something 'tree'ish.



Lv. 50 || Male
Raises the power of Grass-type moves by 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Power Whip | Sludge | Earthquake | Synthesis


Lv. 50 || Female
Flying Gem
Leaf Guard;;
Prevents status effects in sunlight.
U-turn | Acrobatics | Poison Powder | Synthesis


Lv. 50 || Female
Sitrus Berry
Has a 50% chance to regain its held Berry at the end of the turn.
Psychic | Leaf Storm | Nature Power | Sleep Powder


Lv. 50 || Male
Damp Rock
Rain Dish;;
Heals 1/16 HP in rain every turn.
Hydro Pump | Rain Dance | Ice Beam | Giga Drain


Lv. 50 || Male
Dry Skin;;
Absorbs Water-type attacks and has a weakness to Fire-type moves. Heals in rain and is damaged by sun.
Spore | Leech Seed | Protect | X-Scissor


Lv. 50 || Female
Heat Rock
Speed doubles in sunlight.
Sunny Day | Solar Beam | Synthesis | Hidden Power

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PostSubject: Re: Marie Mendoza   Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:06 am

Lul. The creation is wondrous and all, but your appearance looks a lot like my character. >u< As in, I'm not sure if they are not the same person.

You may keep using it, but I am just warning you. cx



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Marie Mendoza
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