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 Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall

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PostSubject: Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall   Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2012 5:46 am

Andrea Tui Hall
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Anime_twin_render_by_zombieusagi-d518su8



Hair Color:
Light purple/black

Eye Color:
Pale Amber/pink


110 lbs.

Out of the two sisters, Andrea is far more playful and outgoing. She tends to have a rather positive attitude with everyone she runs into - with a few exceptions. When someone messes with her sister; you know shit's about to go down. Other than that, though, Andrea forgives and forgets just as easily as she gets upset in the first place. While she tends to appear as the extremely outgoing type, the only person she's truly close to is her sister, Audrey.
She tends to be far too trusting of other people and strangers, and can honestly be a bit ditsy at times, but is very good at the heart. Andrea doesn't tend to think things through too much and often looks to her sister for guidance. Complete with a holy "I'm better than you" attitude, in which she almost always refers to both herself and her sister, Andrea can be quite the handful.

Favorite Type:

Andrea and her sister lived extremely good lives. They lived in a large house, got most of what they wanted, and had a nanny that toke care of them. They both received Pokemon at a young age, with their father being a successful trainer. Unfortunately, that meant he was rarely home, and neither was her mother, due to her job. Their nanny toke care of them, and but she passed away shortly before the girls were sent to Gakuen. Andrea's parents insisted that it was for them to learn. Andrea, being the totally trusting and oblivious girl that she was, took their words to heart and flew off with her to the school.


Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 312

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Electric
Lv. 50 || Female

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 470
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Grass
Lv. 50 || Female

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 197
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dark
Lv. 50 || Male

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 338
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Rock Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Psychic
Lv. 50 || Male

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 367
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Water
Lv. 50 || Male

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 313
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Bug
Lv. 50 || Male

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Asdf-3
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dpiconani003 Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dpiconani189 Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dpiconani103 Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dpiconani272 Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dpiconani047 Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall Dpiconani182

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PostSubject: Re: Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall   Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2012 10:45 pm

Approved. Class F. Sorry, you guys are not going to be in the same class. D':

Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 437__bronzong_by_rukari_boy-d4wnucs
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 25t99j6
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 2na2osw
Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall 23tqr1g
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Thing 2 *shoots* Andrea Hall
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