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Welcome to PGE! Please read the rules and fill out the character creation form before roleplaying! Thanks for visiting!

Pokemon Gakuen Elementum

You are a skillful Pokemon trainer, who has arrived on a small island to battle.
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 Rules (As of 10/29/12)

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BP : [Shiloh - 10] [Lark - 10] [Rena - 10]
Slot 1 : [Shiloh - Flygon/50/18] [Lark - Pidgeot/50/18] [Rena - Skarmory/50/18]
Slot 2 : [Shiloh - Dragonair/50/18] [Lark - Altaria/50/18] [Rena - Empoleon/50/18]
Slot 3 : [Shiloh - Seadra/47/15] [Lark - Unfezant/50/18] [Rena - Escavalier/49/15]
Slot 4 : [Shiloh - Ferrothorn/49/15] [Lark - Ursaringergwsgwillfinishlater][Rena - Magneton/48/14]
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Rules (As of 10/29/12) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (As of 10/29/12)   Rules (As of 10/29/12) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 5:10 am

Here are the rules of the site. They are a bit generic, but follow them.

Standard Rules:

1.) Do not be mean or flame another member, unless said person is a troll or has constantly been harassing people. If a troll or flamer is found, make sure to contact an admin so they may be banned immediately.

2.) No spamming. Spamming can be one worded posts, or posts that really didn't have to be sent. They are commonly use by people who just want to up their post count.

3.) The release of personal data is someone else's choice. No one is allowed to force said data out of a person, but the site does not forbid it to happen. We are not to blame for any bad result from letting loose personal information.

4.) You may curse. The administration is perfectly okay with it, but don't be extreme.

5.) Keep romance PG-13.

Roleplaying Rules:

1.) Follow the Battle Rules during all battles. As intimidating as it looks, it is actually easy and fun to use.

2.) The Pokemon you start off with must be Level 50 or under. No legendaries may be brought to the island. Pokemon must be over Level 30 upon entering the Island.

3.) Mary Sues and Gary Stus are frowned upon. Look them up if you are not sure what they are.

4.) Please try to make posts over a sentence in length, unless you absolutely cannot.

5.) You cannot start roleplaying until you have completely filled out the template in the "Character Creation" board, and have been approved by an administrator or mod.

6.) Use anime/manga style appearances for your characters, please.
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Rules (As of 10/29/12)
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